Being a strict teacher, is it good or bad?

19 May

Being a strict teacher, is it good or bad?

(Discussion Essay)

By: Nastiti Fitria

Normally, students differentiate their teachers according their way of implementing rules in the classroom. There are strict teachers who are very tough on students and lenient teachers who can tolerate their students’ faults. Most people, especially students, like to be given freedom to express their aspiration in class activity rather than to be guided firmly by the teachers. However, the opposite side of people believes that strict teachers can be the effective way to produce extraordinary students. According to Teachers Appreciation Blog, there are two impacts of being strict teachers, the positive and the negative impacts. The positive impacts are well organized class; motivated students; and maximum teacher respect, while the negative impacts are less approachable; discouraging attitude; and students’ rebellion.

Firstly, the positive impacts of being a strict teacher are well organized class; motivated students; and maximum teacher respect. In order to keep their sense of responsibility and self-discipline, strict teachers would keep their class in control and develop the stern guidelines such as ask the students to stand in front of the class for the whole of the learning activity if one them are shouting or making other noises. It trains their students to learn how to differentiate right and wrong from their mistakes when they are punished for violating the rules. A well-organized class which is controlled by the teacher will enable the students to learn and understand well the materials which are given. By giving the stern guidelines, teachers create a serious learning environment which stimulates the students to study hard. Moreover, students are motivated to be a responsible person and a man of self-discipline gradually by their strict teachers. In fact, students are afraid of being punished when they violate the strict guidelines so that they struggle to obey them. For instance, students are trained to finish their assignments on time; otherwise they have to make it double in hand writing. Besides, to create a well-organized class and motivated students, the most important thing that should be created first in students and teachers relationship is maximum teachers respect. In today’s life we can easily find many students behave in inappropriate ways and seem impolite, such as swearing or shouting in class. That kind of impolite behavior cannot be reduced if there is no certain serious handling that can make them learn their lesson. Therefore, the teachers should apply their stern rules to helps the students understand how to behave well and respect their teachers. As an illustration, when a teacher finds one of her students shouting during the learning activity in class, she asks the student to give an impromptu formal speech in front of the class. If the student does not want to do that, he/she has to write an essay in three pages, should be original and in hand writing.

Secondly, being a strict teacher does not always bring the positive impact, but also the negative impacts: less approachable; discouraging attitude; and students’ rebellion. There are many teachers who believe that they can earn respect from students by keeping a stern profile. Teachers with a stern profile who are usually perfectionist do not realize that the students will be afraid to approach them. It will adversely affect the psychology of students, so that they will never feel free to ask questions to the teachers or being active, such as raise their hands to answer questions in the class. It is very important to be a little flexible with the students in order to encourage them to be closer to the teachers so that teachers can help them to solve their problem in learning. Furthermore, their strict guidelines discourage the students from their classes. They try to make excuses for skipping classes, which harms their studies. It is one of their ways to avoid creating mistakes that he/she ends up doing silly mistakes such as mispronounce, which invites further criticism from a strict teacher and hurts his/her confidence. Besides, being a strict teacher will also triggers students’ rebellion because it is an undeniable fact that being a strict teacher often means that we are going to be a teacher with a lot of haters, which are our own students. Those haters usually do not feel comfortable with our stern rules, so they try to oppose those rules by conducting such rebellion. The rebellion itself can be in the form of making noisy, interrupting teachers for unimportant reasons, or even fighting with their friends.

All in all, there are merits and drawbacks of being strict teachers. In the positive side, it creates well organized class; motivated students; and maximum teacher respect. On the other hand, it triggers less approachable; discouraging attitude; and students’ rebellion. However, teachers actually are suggested to choose different teaching style, whether being strict or not, to suit different students.

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